Welcome to HVV Football Factory

Are you a student based in The Hague or someone who likes an international environment? Do you like us have a big passion for football? Then HVV Football Factory is the place to be! HVV Football Factory aims to combine the competitive with the recreative both on- and off the pitch. This combination allows you to develop in your social and footballing skills and become a true Factorian!

There also is information about our club available on the website of the Studenten Wegwijzer!

For the Dutch version, check the bottom of the website!


Interview with new HVV player Mao Sawamoto!

Mao has recently joined our club and plays in the first team of HVV. In today's interview he will be sharing his thoughts on the club as a newcomer and his experiences as a player. Interviewer: "Welcome Mao, could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about...

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Cancellations ⛈

No cancellations


Men’s trainings:

Every Wednesday from 20:00 – 23:00

Every Friday from 20:00-23:00

Woman’s training:

Every Friday from 20:00-21:30


Want to get involved?

Let us know by sending as an email to:  hvvfootballfactory@gmail.com



Introductory tournament

To be continued

About HVV Football Factory 

HVV Football Factory is a club which originates from LVV Football Factory. The club was founded in 2017 and has become The Hague’s biggest (international) student football club! We as a club are open to new members from educational institutions and friends. The club has aspirations to grow year by year, this year having six men’s teams and one women’s team. The club is open to everyone, sharing a mindful culture in which respect to all to create a safe space for all is the norm. 


Football Factory Merchandise

Press the voetbalshop.nl icon below to get redirected to our official merchandise webpage and get a 10% discount as a Factorian!

Club Sponsors

Want to join our beautiful club?

Are you looking to join a new football club in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands? Then HVV Football Factory in The Hague is the place to be! We stand for a good and fun environment for all, with off-pitch activities such as borrels and watching football with others! Besides that, we aim to perform football on a high level as well! If you have any further questions about signing up or the club itself, please reach out to hvvfootballfactory@gmail.com or check out our socials. We hope to see you soon!