Mao has recently joined our club and plays in the first team of HVV. In today’s interview he will be sharing his thoughts on the club as a newcomer and his experiences as a player.

Interviewer: “Welcome Mao, could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you?”

Mao: “I am Mao, 20 years old and I am fully Japanese. I study International Studies at Leiden University. I obviously love football, but also like going fishing a lot, which were some of the reasons why I chose to study in The Netherlands, but I also liked the broadness the study programme provided”

Interviewer: “What made you join our club? How are you liking it so far?”

Mao: “I was looking for a club to play football before coming to The Netherlands close to my university, and was also trying to find a student-based team. The team seemed quite international and enjoyable with some intensity, thus decided to join. I am enjoying the intensity and quality of football played here so far, and the people here are very open and fun to be around”

Interviewer: “What was the best experience you had at HVV?”

Mao: “I have not had too much experience yet, but the home games are always intense and fun to be on the pitch with the cheering and support we get”

Interviewer: “What is your favourite position in the field. Why?”

Mao: “I have a few, but playing as a left wing has been very interesting for me. I get to use my agility and think of different ways and patterns to score goals as a team”

Interviewer: “Who is your favourite player currently?”

Mao: “My favourite player right now is Raphinha from Barcelona”

Interviewer: “Who is your all time idol?”

Mao: “The GOAT, Messi”

Interviewer: “What are your goals for this season?”

Mao: “I want to help the team to win the league and rise as champions!”

Interviewer: “Thank you for your time Mao!”