Join the one and only Student Football Club of The Hague: HVV Football Factory

Do you want to join the one and only The Hague Student Football Club, the most beautiful new Student Football Club in The Netherlands? L.V.V. Football Factory, Campus The Hague, HVV Football Factory  is the right club for you ! We stand for fun, feasts, and activities but for football on high level as well. Activities like a Tournament in China each year. You are still not convincec? Please contact us and join an opemn practise with one of our teams. See you soon !

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Practice only?

Do you only want to practice? 

Full Football membership


Join now for practice and competition to play in the Dutch FA competition.

Half Football membership

Only going to stay for half a year? Join now for this half football membership for practice and competition.


Additional Information Membership

HVV Football Factory is a student football club, which is connected to the University Leiden Sportcentre (Campus The Hague). The advantage is that you will meet other students .

Each team will get materials for practise and matches.

We have a Canteen. In general someone is always present.

We are the one and only student football club in The Hague with a student boeard and several commissions. Do you want to help the board out ? Let us know through our contact form or speak to one of our board members at the club!

Questions ? Please ask!

Sent an email to the HVV Football Factory Board and you will get a reply asap

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