Information for new members

Here you find all the practical information for new Factorians.





Dear Factorian,

Thank you for joining HVV Football Factory! On this page you can find some basic information to make things a bit easier.

  1. USC and Football Factory rules and policies

Read the guidelines and policies of the club and the USC thoroughly. You can these guidelines on this page and at

  1. Contribution

We shall explain how your contribution is being used over the year. The total fee for fully contribution is €230,-. USC will collect €162,70 per member per year of this fee, which allow Football Factory members to access the USC gym (only if you are a student to Leiden University/Hogeschool Leiden). €67,30 will be used to pay the KNVB for your membership and for other purposes of the club.

  1. Training

If you join Football Factory with a whole team, you will be contacted at which time you are allowed to practice. We will take care of materials like cones, balls and other stuff, which you can use during practice and games. These materials will be put in a locker that get assigned. You are supposed to get your own materials out of your locker. In the back of the locker room there is a automatic pump with a description how to use it.
As a new team you will get the option to train your team yourself. On websites like are suggestions for practice exercises that might suit you. If you prefer to have a trainer, you can contact the board and we will try to arrange something.
When your training is done, we expect that you put the materials back in the locker and put back the goals that you used during practice.

  1. Games

Home Game
The program for the season is found on (also an app). This site also shows the team tables. The USC takes the program, made by the KNVB, into account and arranges a pitch on which your match can be played. Club kits are also arranged by the club. When you play at home against a team with same colors as our club kit, the team that plays the at home is supposed to fix a kit with different colors. To do so, you are supposed to make contact with Pieter.
Finally, the first team that plays that day is supposed to put the corner flags on the pitch. These corner flags are found in the back of the locker room. If you are the last team that plays on the pitch, you are supposed to collect the corner flags and put them back in the locker room.

Away Game
When you have an away game, you are supposed to fix your own transport to the away game. Every year we ask the KNVB to take into account that we are students so we do not have to travel that far. Also, do not forget to bring your material from the club for warming up.

Moving a game
Every season a team has the possibility to cancel 1 game. This means that the game will be canceled for that upcoming date and be rescheduled at a later time. If you are planning to do this you have to let the board know the Monday before the game at the latest. The board has to file the cancellation before 12:00 on Tuesday to cancel the game.
You are always allowed to move a game in collaboration with the other team. If you are not able to make it to a game, you can contact the other team and propose an other day to play the match. When both team agree on the new date, the board can be contacted to file an official proposal for the new date.

Game rules diploma
Every new football player is expected to get his game rules diploma via the KNVB. This diploma is needed to play matches. Information on how to get this diploma will be provided via email by the KNVB.

At the start of each game the trainer of team captain is supposed to put the team selection in an app of the KNVB. The team selection of the upcoming game needs to be selected, a team captain has to be appointed and an assistant referee has to be selected (player of the selection). Only, if the form on the app is filled in, the score can be filled in by the referee. So, it is important for that this form is complete prior to the game. For more information you can contact the board.

  1. Referees/bar takeover

From the men’s teams is expected that they supply referees for the other matches during the season. The board will provide the team captains and trainer a scheme in which the information is given who is responsible for which match. The board will make sure that every team provides an equal number of referees. Swapping matches is allowed in collaboration with the board.
The referee is expected to be on the pitch 15 minutes prior to the start of the match. A referee kit, whistle and flags for the assistant-referees are found in a locker in the lockerroom. The code for this locker is given 1 day before the match by one of the members of the board. It is also allowed for the referee to wear its own clothes. If you are the second/third referee of the day, you can take all materials from the previous referee (do not try to take over the materials of KNVB officials). If you are the last referee that day, you are expected to put the materials safely back into the locker. The final score can be given to one of the Internal Affairs member of the board.
This information will be provided again via your mobile phone by one of the board members a few days before the game.

  1. Committees and activities

Above all, we are students/alumni who love to consume a alcoholic beverage every now and then. During the season Football Factory will organize activities for which you can apply. This activities will be found on the website and will be promoted in your team apps. Enjoy being a Factorian on and off the pitch and bring all your fellow team members!
Do you want to help us organize these activities or do you want to contribute something to the club as board member, then contact us! Are you just curious if one of these things might suit you, do not hesitate to ask us for more information


We hope that this information will let you feel a little bit more of a real Factorian. If you have any other questions, please contact us and we hope to help you as soon as possible. We wish you a great season and lots of fun!

Yours sincerely,

HVV Football Factory Board

Privacy Policy

Football Factory is registered in the Chamber of Commerce (number 27319427). The privacy policy describes what personal information we use, for which ends we use your personal data and which measurements we took to justify this in a just and transparent way taking the demands of the “Algemene Verorderning Gegevensbescherming” into account.


1.1 We (possibly) process the following personal data if you:

1.2 We collect the following (personal) data:

  • NAW-information;
  • Phone number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Sex;
  • Email-address;
  • Bank number;
  • Pass photo;
  • Member number (KNVB).

1.3 We can use this data to:

  • Legitimate the membership;
  • Send newsletters;
  • Make/maintain contact;
  • Improve services;
  • Improve the website;
  • Organize activities/events;
  • Make deals with sponsors;
  • Recruit members;
  • To make agreements (for the club’s purposes);


2.1 You can contact info@hvvfootballfactory for:

  • More information how we use your personal data;
  • Questions in response to this privacy policy;
  • Insight of the personal data we use of you;
  • Correction, limitation, deletion of transmission of your data;
  • Objection against the use of your data by Football Factory.


3.1 We will use your data solely for the purposes as stated in this privacy policy and will thereby use adequate techniques and organizational measurements to secure your data.


4.1 We (possibly) provide your data with the following parties:

  • University Sport Centre Leiden;
  • University of Leiden;
  • KNVB;

These parties can use your data for the purposes as stated in article 1.3.


5.1 We do not preserve your data longer necessary taking the legislation of preservation into account.


6.1 It can occur that this privacy policy might change in the future. We recommend to keep an eye on the privacy policy to stay informed


7.1 This privacy policy is formed on the 25th of may 2018 and will be of use after this date.

Yours sincerely,

The HVV Football Factory board

25th of may 2018


“Be a part of the team, not a part of the problem”

“Be a part of the team, not a part of the problem”

Guidelines for members

  1. Members are expected to be on time for practice and matches.
  2. If you are not able to make it to practice or to the match, you have to your trainer/team captain know in advance.
  3. If your team is not able to make it to the match, you have to let the board know before the Tuesday prior to the match. Each team has the possibility to cancel 1 match a year.
  4. When you arrive at the club by bike, it is expected that your bike is placed at the designated spot. Leave the entrance open for emergency services.
  5. Every member is expected to follow the dressing room scheme.
  6. Behave yourself at the club, also prior and after your match and/or practice. Do not stay longer than necessary in the dressing rooms.
  7. Keep the dressing rooms clean. Do not leave any mess in the dressing rooms.
  8. Take care with the materials supplied by the board and the USC.
  9. Smoking is prohibited on the grounds of the club.
  10. Do not enter the canteen with your football shoes.
  11. Incidents on the pitch and red cards gotten in a match are expected to be reported to the board after the match.
  12. The internal disciplinary committee invite the member or the whole team on the following Monday for investigation and possible sanctions.
  13. The consumption of alcohol on the pitch is prohibited. Alcohol can be consumed in the designated areas of the canteen.
  14. Bullying and all kinds of negative behavior will not be tolerated. Members who are guilty of bullying or other kinds of negative behavior will punished as seen fit by the disciplinary committee. Misbehavior, vandalism, unsportsmanlike behavior are examples of negative behavior that once again will not be tolerated.
  15. Fines that are given by the KNVB (in the form of a yellow or red card) need to be paid by the member who was fined for the violation.
  16. Members of club are obliged to follow any sanction or punishment given by the KNVB and/or the board.
  17. The contribution is expected to be paid prior to the new season. If the contribution is not paid before the 1st of November, the member will not be able to play any matches. If the member has not paid the contribution before the end of November, an external agency will be used to collect the extra costs made by the member as consequence of its misbehavior.
  18. To ensure that the matches at HVV Football Factory are fun and well organized, all members are expected to help the club. The men’s teams will be asked for referees and the women’s teams will be asked to take over the bar. De team captains will be informed about a scheme and mutually switching will be tolerated

Guidelines for members and visitors

  1. It is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic consumption to the grounds of the club. The consumption of alcohol is only allow at the therefore designated areas.
  2. Persons below the age of 18 will not be served any alcoholic consumption.
  3. The use of drugs or any narcotic agents are not allow on the grounds of the club.
  4. It is forbidden to smoke on the grounds of the club.
  5. Stay behind the fences if you are not expected to practice or play in a match.
  6. Any form of negative behavior will not be tolerated. We expect members and visitors to treat each other with respect on and off the pitch.
  7. Any form of violence will not be tolerated. Solve any kind of disagreement with respect and without verbal and physical violence.
  8. Respect any decision made by the referee.


The board is allowed to punish its members as seen fit. Sanctions and/or punishments can be to members when they do not follow the guidelines above. Visitors can be denied of entrance in the future when they do not follow the guidelines above.

Club Sponsors

Lid worden van HVV Football Factory?

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