We are very happy to share with you some big news. Our beloved sportpark Houtrust, our home turf, is getting a makeover. Over the course of the summer field 1 will be completely renovated. Read on for more information!

The grass field will be taken out and replaced by a brand new artificial grass field and additional lights will be placed along the field. This means no more field degradation which leads to less cancellation of trainings and games, especially towards the darker periods of the year. Additionally, the likelihood of injuries decreases and it’s great for the overall level and fun of playing. With the placing of extra lights we will be able the host more opportunities to train during our hours in the future, this is especially good news for training on Wednesdays. In short, with the renovation of sportpark Houtrust we are able to give you more bang for your buck.

The renovation will start in May and during the construction both field 1 and 2 will be unavailable. The renovation period is partially during the season, so we are exploring options to move our trainings and games to a different facility. More news on this to follow soon.