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Men’s Sunday 1


About this team

Men’s Sunday selection

The men’s Sunday selection is the highest playing team in The Hague with joy on and off the pitch. The coming season this team will play in the third class Sunday. Competing with other selections in and around The Hague this team does everything to uphold the honor of the students in the Hague!

Trainingschedule HVV Football Factory

Every Wednesday and Friday 19.30-22.30

The men’s Sunday 1, 2, 3 and 4 train on Wednesdays and Fridays at Sportpark Houtrust. All four teams play their homegames at Sportpark Houtrust.

The Team

Trainer-Coach: Pieter van Schie


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Are you looking for a new footballclub in the prettiest studentcity behind the dunes? You’re in safe hands with us at HVV Football Factory. We stand for gezelligheid, borrels and activities, but we also like to challenge ourselves to improve and have fun on the pitch. Get in touch with us to join a training! See you soon!

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